Photo of Allison and Steven in the winery

Bella Vida Vineyard is Allison and Steven’s window into the
“Beautiful Life”

Steven and Allison Whiteside are proprietors of Bella Vida Vineyard. They were drawn to Dundee by a friendship with David and Suzanne Maresh. In addition, they were blessed to develop a special relationship with David’s parents, Jim and Loie. It was the beginning of Bella Vida, a truly “beautiful life.”

Allison (President of the Wines) and her two brothers traveled the world as a result of her father being in the Armed Forces. Her most memorable stay was during high school in Italy. She currently practices as a pediatric physical therapist when not managing the tasting room, wine sales and a myriad of other operational responsibilities.

Steven (President of the Vines), one of eight boys and two girls, was born in Soaplake, Washington and spent several years along the Oregon Coast prior to moving to Arizona with his family. He has two sons, Stephen Jr. and Ryan, who visit when they can and assist with the many vineyard chores that accompany the “beautiful life.” Steven specializes in pediatric orthotics and prosthetics in Tucson when he is not tending to daily vineyard challenges during the growing season.

Steven and Allison have always enjoyed the camaraderie that surrounds the community effort of farming in the Dundee Hills. To be able to share this experience is a true blessing and good fortune.

Oh, by the way if you are thinking of getting into the “hands on” vineyard/wine business, the only thing romantic about it is the wine. The rest is all work, hard work. Just something to consider when you are feeling romantic. Ah, enlightenment.