Chef Steven's Signature Omelet Recipe

A New Signature Omelet Recipe

The recipe that started it all! Steve first started making his "famous" version of an omelet during his tenure down in Arizona. He used it as a way to make employees feel valued and appreciated and it was such a hit that he became "Chef Steven". While his recipes have expanded throughout the years, this recipe is a tried and true classic.


2 eggs
Pulled pork
1 flour tortilla
Butter (for the bottom of the pan)
Parmesan cheese

Coat bottom of the pan with butter and heat on medium temperature. Whisk two eggs together in a small bowl and pour into warmed pan. Once the eggs have cooked to form the base of the omelet place tortilla on top, spread butter until melted on top of the tortilla and top with a liberal amount of Parmesan cheese. Mix cheese and butter around to develop a crust-like consistency. Once butter and cheese are mixed flip the tortilla and omelet base over. Once flipped add the "stuffing" of the omelet and let sit on medium heat until the tortilla is nice and crispy. Take off heat and fold onto a plate and top with your favorite toppings! 

Watch Steve Make His Signature Recipe Here!