Creating Positive Change In Our Community

TLC 2021

Learn How Your Support Impacted Newberg High School 

Our TLC wines were created in loving memory of Ted Leroy Crawford, and $15 from every bottle sold is donated each year to the Newberg High School Career & Technical Education Program. In addition, 50% of the tasting fees for the month of March are donated to the Resource Room at Newberg High School

This year, we're pleased to report that with your support, we were able to donate $17,267.00 to NHS. 

With these funds, they were able to purchase a state-of-the-art laser cutter for the Career & Technical Education Program, and divert $1200.00 to the Resource Room. Everyone learns differently, and we believe that creating opportunities for kids to learn a range of skills in a variety of ways, is incredibly important. Helping to support the kids in our local community is one of our core values here at Bella Vida, and we'd like to offer our sincere gratitude to all of you who helped us make this happen. 

Special thanks also to Torii Mor Winery, for support & donated winemaking services. 


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