Our Favorite Summer Recipes

Our Favorite Summer Recipes...

For when it's too hot to cook


With temperatures creeping up into triple digits over the last few weeks we thought it might be a perfect time to bring you a roundup of some of our favorite summer recipes. 


We've all been there. It's hot outside, the A/C (if you're lucky) is working overtime to keep the house to a moderate temperature, and you're faced with the age old question... what the heck do I cook when it's so hot out? 

If the idea of turning your oven on fills you with dread, you're in luck! We've collected a handful of our favorite summer recipes that are sure to please. And just to sweeten the deal, we've taken the liberty of also including our recommendation for which Bella Vida wine will pair perfectly with each one! 


Chef Amy's Mushroom Pâté 

Pairing recommendation: Tardy Pinot Noir

This one is a huge crowd pleaser for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, and was created just for us by our friend, the incredibly talented Chef Amy Sins. Perfect for a late lunch or midday snack, you'll want to try this mouthwatering dish with our Tardy Pinot Noir. 

See the recipe: Chef Amy's Mushroom Pâté


Chef Steven's Summer Grilled Salmon

Pairing recommendation: Two Row Pinot Noir

One of our favorite ways to prepare salmon in the summer absolutely has to be BBQ'd. There's just something about this delicate but super filling dish that just hits the spot! 

Get the recipe: Chef Steven's Summer Grilled Salmon


BBQ Pork Tenderloin from Chef Steven

Pairing recommendation: Bella Vida TLC collection

Looking for something a little more hearty for a summer dinner? This pork tenderloin is super easy to make and pairs beautifully with our 2020 643 Chardonnay. 

Get the recipe: BBQ Pork Tenderloin from Chef Steven


Chef Steven's Chicken Marinade

Pairing recommendation: 2020 Chardonnay

If BBQ chicken is a little more your style, you'll definitely want to save this marinade recipe for your next outdoor cookout! Just put all your ingredients into a Ziploc bag with some chicken thighs, let it absorb all that savory deliciousness, then throw it on the grill. This one also makes cleanup a breeze!

Get the recipe: Chef Steven's Chicken Marinade

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